Ryan Reynolds Thought Free Guy Was Based On A True Story

By: Christy Mathew

In a funny video that promotes Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds acts as if he believed the movie was based upon a true story. This film is a contemporary take on the idea that life may or may not be a simulation.

The movie was directed by Shawn Levy and written by Zak Penn and Matt Lieberman. Free Guy’s story revolves around Guy who is a bank teller and finds out he is an NPC living in a Fornite-esque video game. 

The marketing campaign for the movie has been releasing clips like Korg/Deadpool reaction video, Ryan’s irreverence, and a featurette that showcases a very large secondary character played by the actor itself.

The movie is available in theatres as Ryan shared a new clip related to Free Guy. It is a hilarious clip where Shawn Levy, Joe Keert and Lil Rel Howery; discuss their characters while Ryan pretends he thought/thinks Free Guy is a true story. The actor joked that he allowed Guy to live with him in preparation for the role.

The marketing campaign is led by his company, Maximum Effort Marketing. He is the chief and the creative officer of his company. The same was the case for Deadpool, Detective Pikachu and Aviation Gin. Clearly, we can see Ryan’s humour all over Free Guy’s marketing.

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