Ryan Garcia Predicts The Outcome Of A Jake Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather Boxing Match

Ryan Garcia, a prominent lightweight boxer, has shared his opinion on the ongoing feud between YouTube star Jake Paul and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

The feud began when Jake Paul stole Mayweather's hat during a press event to promote the exhibition fight between Mayweather and Paul's brother, Logan.

Since then, the two have exchanged heated words and Paul has expressed his desire to face Mayweather in a professional boxing match.

A recent video surfaced showing Mayweather and his entourage jumping Paul outside an NBA match in Miami, further escalating the rivalry.

Despite the tension between the two, Ryan Garcia believes Mayweather would always come out on top in a boxing match against Paul.

However, Garcia also believes that Paul would be able to go the distance and would not be knocked out by Mayweather.

Garcia referenced Paul's previous fight against his brother Logan, where Logan was not knocked out despite being the underdog in the fight.

The lightweight boxer also criticized Mayweather for his actions in the video and suggested that it was not right to confront someone with such a large group of people.

Garcia is currently preparing to challenge Gervonta Davis, a former protege of Mayweather, in a highly anticipated fight next month.