Ryan Garcia Accused of Piggybacking on Other Fighters’ Names by Divisional King

Ryan Garcia is all set to fight Javier Fortuna on July 16 inside the Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles. This will be Garcia’s 23rd professional fight and Fortuna’s 42nd.

Garcia, who ranks 6th under the ESPN lightweight divisional ranking, fought his last fight against Emmanuel Tagoe. It has been only two months since Garcia entered the ring and here he is today, back at it, once again for yet another boxing event.

However, for some time, Garcia has expressed his desire to square off with Gervonta Davis and benefit largely from the event. Even at the press conference, Garcia could not resist taking Davis’ name and calling the latter out for a fight.

Ryan Garcia has now been calling out Tank for some time to line up an event. Even during the Kambosos Jr. vs. Haney fight, Garcia was seen tweeting Davis’ name and calling the latter out in front of millions of his followers and fans.

Now, at the Ryan Garcia vs. Javier Fortuna press conference, the following is what Garcia told: “And then after, we’re gonna go after Tank. I’m gonna beat his ass. I promise you that.”

 Although there is Javier Fortuna in front of him, a title-holder in different weight classes, Garcia looks to be desperate for none but Gervonta Davis. In a recent tweet by Michael Benson, this is what Garcia has lately been reported to have further stated:

Gervonta Davis currently ranks 3rd under ESPN’s lightweight divisional ranking. In addition, he comes fresh from a victory over Rolando Romero and flexes multiple lightweight titles. Undoubtedly, given his resume and accolades, Davis is now an enormous star.

He wrote, “This clown uses other fighters to sell his fight… then fights no one! Read between the lines.”

Maybe it is a move by Garcia to gain an audience for his upcoming event featuring Fortuna. However, the very manner in which Garcia has been chanting Davis’ name makes him look too eager. Many believe he couldn’t attain the glory of his own accord.