Roxanne Perez, the NXT Women's Champion, got an update by WWE

The "NXT" Women's Champion Roxanne Perez successfully defended her title against the legendary Meiko Satomura on Tuesday night at "WWE NXT" Roadblock.

Yet after the match, just as Satomura was about to award her the title, Perez "collapsed" to the mat.

Shawn Michaels, the referees, Booker T, and medical personnel all hurried to the ring to check on her. 

The final image spectators saw was Perez being carried backstage to an ambulance on a stretcher.

WWE has now provided the champion with yet another encouraging development. Roxanne Perez was recuperating at home after being discharged from the hospital, according to WWE.

The only information provided by WWE on Tuesday night was that she would remain in the hospital overnight for more tests.

Hence, while the most recent statement is undoubtedly a step forward, it's also important to keep an eye on whether she will participate in the "NXT" Stand and Deliver event on April 1.

Only two matchups have been announced for the big event thus far.



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