Ronda Rousey Finally Addresses WrestleMania 35 Botch

Ronda Rousey sees a bright side to the botched finish at WrestleMania 35. In the main event of WrestleMania 35, Rousey suffered her first loss in WWE when she was pinned by Becky Lynch in a triple threat match to capture both the RAW and SmackDown Women's Championships.

Many fans remember this historic bout for the controversial finish, as one of Rousey's shoulders was up during the pinfall. Rousey was a guest on the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show to discuss a variety of subjects.

In one highlight, she was asked about her shoulder being up at WrestleMania 35 when she was pinned. In response, the SmackDown star revealed that she was trying to help get her shoulder down while it was happening.

"I didn't think my shoulder was down," Ronda Rousey began. "I was trying to flatten out to put my shoulder more down. So like that's what was happening. I thought it was just the very top of my shoulder."

"So I was trying to shimmy down. So the actual backs of my shoulders were down and I didn't know that he had already started counting. So or that my shoulder came up during the shimmy. So I was trying to help, but it ended up being awesome because now I have a gripe to revisit."

Fans have hoped for a rematch ever since Lynch scored this botched pin at WrestleMania 35. As a result, the WWE Universe was somewhat disappointed when Ronda Rousey chose to wrestle Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 38.

While it's uncertain when the rematch between Rousey and Lynch will take place, the catalyst of their WrestleMania 35 finish can be revisited to make for a compelling story.

For the time being, both Lynch and Rousey are on separate brands, leaving both women to explore their characters without being attached at the hip. Time will tell what the future holds for this rivalry.