Roman Reigns Going To A Hiatus In WWE This Summer As Per Rumors

As always, Roman Reigns remains the center of attention of discussion in the WWE Universe for all the rightful reasons. He is the top-most attraction in the company and when reports claim that he would go into a hiatus, this summer, there have to be some concerns about it within the fanbase.

Several reports are filed in by different sources which is pointing out contradictions. According to PWInsider, Roman Reigns isn’t being advertised for any of the RAW, SmackDown episodes, or Live Event in July and August.

Per the current advertisements, on June 24th SmackDown is the last TV taping that he is being advertised for. After that, he’s only booked for Money In The Bank (July 2) and SummerSlam 2022 (July 30) premium live events.

This is the reason why many believe that Summerslam 2022 could mark an indefinite hiatus for Roman Reigns while another source claims nothing such is planned. Roman Reigns is still heavily featured in WWE creative planning

A new report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful is out, mentioning that Roman Reigns was factored into the company’s creative plans for the foreseeable future. Henceforth, this comes as a total contradiction to the ongoing reports those suggested that he was taking time off this summer.

“WWE sources had claimed to us that Roman Reigns was “factored into their creative plans for the foreseeable future.” I don’t know how that bodes for reports of him having time off this summer and we’ve not got that word from WWE.”

Originally, it was Roman Reigns himself who teased stepping away from the pro-wrestling industry, this past weekend. At Saturday’s WWE Live Event at the Cure Insurance Arena in Trenton, New Jersey, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion delivered a promo and stated how he’d enter a new phase in life and career.

Thus he may not be able to come back to Trenton, after this. Afterward, it was noted by sources that Roman Reigns has signed a new WWE deal, where he would be working fewer House Shows in the foreseeable future. While he may not be leaving the company, he could be going on a hiatus, soon.