Recent Backstage Information About Mercedes Mone's Future in Wrestling

Typically, a professional wrestler who switched from one organisation to another and then won the top prize in a single month would generate more than enough news for a whole year..

Despite the fact that Mercedes Mone accomplished all of those goals

Leaving WWE for NJPW in January and capturing the IWGP Women's Title in February—she might be poised to garner even more attention when she makes a significant choice next month.

Mone's contract with Bushiroad, the organisation that owns both STARDOM and NJPW, is slated to expire on April 23 according to the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It can be assumed that the two parties have not reached an agreement at this time.

Mone is currently slated to compete that day for Stardom in the Yokohama Arena, supposedly against Mayu Iwatani. 

She has not been advertised for any NJPW or STARDOM shows before or after.

As one might anticipate, if Mone were to enter the job market, she would have a variety of opportunities to choose from, including staying with Bushiroad, going back to WWE, or joining AEW. 



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