Reality TV Contestant Rosy Goes Viral In Korean Community – WHY?

Another ‘Street Woman Fighter’ contestant has been making headlines in Korea for her association with YG Entertainment in the past, her beautiful looks, and her talent.

Rosy, the PROWDMON dancer and entertainer became the talk of online communities across Korea after her former YG Entertainment trainee story came to light.

She is thought to be one of the former trainees of YG Entertainment’s ‘Team A’

Her apparel and outlook gave out vibes of a YG idol and the Korean community is going nuts over it!



Users took to comments appreciating Rosy and her YG Entertainment past.

One wrote “I think it’d really suit her well if she wore something with a bit of an idol vibe."

Another comment read that the person was friends with Rosy in middle school and the newly-viral star makes her proud.