Queer As Folk Reboots, Returns With A Modern & Fresh Outlook

Queer as folk a series that revolves around the lives of people who are gays and lesbians have now rebooted and is back in a new way.

Previously there was the American version of the show of the same name but it ended. The reason given was the rising production cost but the cast members somewhat felt that it was because the "showtime" network didn't want to be known as a gay channel.

Coming back to the present, the Queer as Folk is now streaming on Peacock. The eight episodes of it were released on 9th June 2022.

The story is about a group of diverse friends belonging to the LQBTQ, even though the tragedy affects every character’s life in some way or other they don’t let it define them.

The series stars Jesse James Keitel (Ruthie), Fin Argus (Mingus), Ryan O’ Connell (Julian), Johnny Sibilly (Noah),  Devin Way (Brodie), Kim Cattrall (Brenda), Armand Fields (Bussy), and Chris Renfro (Dadius Miller).

James Keitel who plays Ruthie talked about the show, she said “It was important to tell that story because it is based in reality. It’s part of our history as queer people, but the beauty of our show is it’s not a show about a tragedy. It is a show about a community coming together. It’s a show about this group of friends really finding each other within their community after things get shattered and torn apart.”

The remake of the new series feels fresh as it gives a much more modern perspective to the series set up in a new city i.e New Orleans

This pride month it will be great to see series like Queer As Folk bringing forward a modern approach for the audience to watch.

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