Popular European Airline Now Accepts Shiba Inu Payments

Shiba Inu is crossing more borders as one of the popular European airlines adopts it as means of payment.

Despite the current market pains in terms of price, Shiba Inu (SHIB) seems to be doing very well in terms of adoption.

Recent reports indicate that the crypto has scored a positive with Vueling, a popular low-cost airline that serves dozens of destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

As of summer, 2022, the airline serves over 330 routes in the mentioned regions.

BitPay took to Twitter to announce the good news to the world.

BitPay is a world-renown digital payments gateway that facilitates fast, secure and less costly cross-border payments with digital currencies.

According to the findings the airline ticket prices will be displayed in Euros and customers will be able to pay with 13 cryptocurrencies that Bitpay support including Shiba Inu.

With SHIB, airline customers will be assured of secure payments that eliminate the chances of fraud or phishing incidents often associated with other payments, especially where fiat currencies are involved.

This latest development points to a growing user base for Shiba Inu as well as an increase in its popularity.