Pokimane Banned From Twitch For Streaming Avatar, Fans Unhappy

christy r mathew

Fans of Imane “Pokimane” Anys and her Twitch channel received some bad news a few hours ago when the streamer’s channel was banned from the platform due to a DMCA violation.

While the reason for the prominent streamer’s channel being taken down was initially unknown, it was eventually revealed that her 10-hour Avatar: The Last Airbender Watch Party was to blame.

Content makers can stream and react to a variety of shows on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. They are not overly protected by copyright rules, and streamers are allowed to arrange watch parties and publish reaction videos.

Unfortunately for the streamer and her admirers, Avatar: The Last Airbender is not one of those shows, as it is exclusively available on premium streaming sites.

As a result, the broadcaster broke Twitch DMCA restrictions by streaming it as part of her watch party, and her channel was shut down as a result.

Her ban came as a shock to the twitch community, as she is one of the most popular streamers on the network. On the other hand, her community is split on whether or not the ban she received was reasonable.

The ban was widely seen as appropriate by a huge segment of her community. The prohibition was unavoidable since “these guys don’t mess around,”; as Avatar: The Last Airbender is controlled by an American firm.

While some fans argue that the restriction is justified because of the “American cartoon vs. Japanese anime” dispute, others are outraged that their favourite content creator’s channel has been taken down.