PewDiePie Advices Fan Not To Drop Out Of College To Pursue YouTube

PewDiePie, the once most subscribed individual YouTuber on the planet released a new video on his channel where he answered questions from his fans.

He occasionally does such videos where he replies to comments apart from his reaction and roast videos.

The video titled ‘I’m Here To Help..’ saw PewDiePie answering a lot of questions of his subscribers that were asked under his videos in the comments.

PewDiePie tried his level best to give his two cents and advice on the questions asked to him.

To one question that asked him about how to avoid awkwardness when one talks to a group of people, PewDiePie revealed that he usually tackles that problem by ‘smiling more’.

The YouTuber also advised on of his fans not to drop out of college as the fan was confused whether he should continue college or give more time to his YouTube Channel.

Another fan asked Pewds about advice on meeting parental expectations. To that, PewDiePie says ‘Do You Want Validations for Yourself or Your Parents?’