Katy Perry Gets Pete Davidson As Her Future Lover In MASH Game Filter On TikTok

Kim Kardashian might get jealous if she gets to know whom Katy Perry got  as a lover in a fun game. Let’s get to know what exactly happened and  what all this matter is about.

Katy Perry, the Harley’s in Hawaii singer was playing a game with a filter on TikTok. The game was none other than MASH.

For those who ain’t aware of this game, it shows you the random future  prediction about a house, car, kids, and lover of your own.

Katy Perry posted a TikTok with this Mash Game filter it showed a big mansion as  her future house. In the background, Cyn’s House with a View song was  playing.

A Tesla as her future car, the total amount of kids she will have in  the future was 6 and her lover was none other than Pete Davidson.

But seems like Katy Perry agrees with all three choices except one that is her lover.

She had a very weird and grimacing expression after knowing Pete  Davidson as her future lover instead of her real lover Orlando Bloom.

In her caption she mentioned, “No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando?📷” Orlando Bloom and Pete Davidson both are working on a film name Wizard!