Making yet another NBA finals, the Boston Celtics are chasing NBA history.

Currently, they are on par with the Lakers to be the most successful franchises in NBA history, However, a win this season will propel them to 18 titles and alone on top of the mountain.

Larry Bird and Bill Russell are only some of the players who spent their entire careers trying to propel Boston ahead

However, one that isn’t talked about enough is Paul Pierce. The NBA legend brought the last championship to the city of Boston in 2008 beating Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

He even won the honors of Finals MVP, but the Truth still doesn’t get the same love as the other winners.

With Pierce in the building, the Garden was surely loud on seeing him. However, he didn’t exactly get his moment.

As Pierce was taking it all in, a loud fan came up close. With Pierce right there, the Celtics legend wanted to join in with the fan.

He tried to get a high five, but the fan completely ignored Pierce. Soon after, another fan put Pierce out of the moment and gave him a high five.

However, the fans don’t miss anything and Twitter was all over Pierce’s epic fail.

They did not hold back as they compared him to the love Lary Bird gets from the Boston fans. Despite bringing the last championship to the city, the fans weren’t kind at all.