Oscar De La Hoya's Shocking Remarks on Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis Fight

After the contractual drama that repeatedly indicated the fight was in peril.

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, will finally settle their longstanding quarrel on April 22 in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Garcia's zeal, though, paid off in the end. He agreed to everything his bitter adversary "Tank" Davis demanded.

But, after an encounter in the club, this grudge was brought to light with even greater wrath, which eventually manifested as a brawl.

He replied, "My guy @RyanGarcia will not just shock the world, he will make it seem easy and start his legacy," in response to a comment about the fight.

Go, let's go! It's interesting that he mentioned needing a bat to defeat Davis during the first press conference of this fight in New York City.

De La Hoya claims that "KingRy" will easily win this bout, despite the opinions of boxing experts who believe that it will be close and could go any way. 

Fans responded differently to Oscar De La Hoya's provocative statements at the same time.