Oscar De La Hoya Says “Playing a Lot of Golf” Resulted in Canelo Alvarez Losing Dmitry Bivol Fight

Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez had a very successful promoter-fighter relationship. However, due to contractual issues, things went wrong and Canelo left the ‘Golden Boy Promotions’ of De La Hoya. Now, they are bitter rivals and never miss an opportunity to target each other.

Following a recent loss against Bivol, De La Hoya questioned the approach of his ex-fighter, Canelo Alvarez. The Hall of Famer came all the way up, targeting Canelo for dedicating too much time to golf.

Questioning Canelo‘s dedication, the former six-weight division champ said, “What I saw, and I see everything, Canelo has been playing a lot of golf. From experience, I used to play a lot of golf in between fights and in between training camps.”

Furthermore, he added the effect of golfing too much on the body of a fighter. He said, “It takes a lot out of you. Yeah, you’re out there for six hours. You’re standing, your legs are weak, and you’re focused. A fighter needs to be focused.''

Notably, Canelo was tired in between rounds. He had thrown fewer punches compared to Bivol. This is the reason, ‘The Golden Boy’ concluded by saying, “if he feels good with it, so be it, but I saw him a little tired.”

After breaking all bonds with De La Hoya years ago, the Mexican icon is again going to meet his ex-promoter in a golfing event in June 2022.

In recent years, Canelo has often taken part in celebrity golf tournaments, winning a few of them. This shows that apart from boxing, Canelo is also dedicating most of his time to golf.

In the upcoming golfing event on June 30, the pair will meet representing different teams. 

De La Hoya is part of Team USA whereas his rival Alvarez is part of the rest of the world team. Interestingly, it is going to be a spectacular event.