‘Nobody Gives A Fu*K’: Asmongold On #ADayOffTwitch Boycott

Well, the legendary World of Warcraft gamer has spoken out and the rest of the pack better listen to his advice!

Asmongold recently talked about the ongoing #ADayOffTwitch movement.

#ADayOffTwitch is a boycott that small streamers aim to pull off on September 1 to bring Twitch’s attention to the worsening trend of hate raids.

The hate raids are basically spam messages and bots that flood a streamer’s chat

But why is Asmongold not interested in the betterment of the Twitch community?

Asmongold thinks that ‘nobody gives a fu*k about the boycott

For the movement to gain authority and generate a response from the side of Twitch, big names should advocate for #ADayOffTwitch.

“Nobody gives a f**k if you take the day off. Nobody knows who you are. . . ."