Christy R Mathew

Nike’s Air Max Scorpion Further Expands The Air Max Universe

Nike has chosen to be as disruptive and unruly as possible with its designs from the inception of Air Max thirty-five years ago in order to generate an overabundance of focus on the somewhat gimmicky invention.

Nike has yet to fail in this regard.

Every flagship model in history has either pushed the boundaries in terms of bulk — like the huge heel unit on the Air Max 93 — or released a newly tuned version of its coveted cushioning, which was accomplished quite literally in 1998.

By 2003, the differences between iterations appeared far more subtle as the brand shifted its focus to alternative innovations such as Shox and Zoom; in 2008, they steered the ship toward sustainably-manufactured foam such as Lunar, which would later lay the groundwork for other recycled foam materials.

With so much public interest in old Air Max products, current Air Max had taken a back seat, and it wasn't until 2017's VaporMax that Air was upgrading the brand's mission.

Fast forward to 2022, and Nike catches our attention once more with a fresh new Air Max model. 

The Air Max Scorpion, as the unit looks to be totally devoid of any superfluous encasings, has certain design similarities with the VaporMax.

The foot is placed directly above the Air Max midsole unit, which is then placed on top of a rubber traction outsole with extra tread on the forefoot and heel.