Nicki Minaj Barbz Violate Twitch Star HasanAbi With Unstoppable Trolls


Twitch streamer HasanAbi recently found himself in a tough spot after his reply under one of Nicki Minaj’s tweets ignited the rage of her fanbase, the Barbz.

Nicki Minaj fans have been hurling abuses, hate, and trolls at the Twitch streamer off late

But the million dollar question is ‘WHY?’

After Nicki Minaj tweeted about getting her dose of vaccine only when ‘she had done enough research’, HasanAbi was quick to leave a sarcastic comment under the tweet.

He joked by commenting “The world awaits your wonderful contribution to the scientific community.”

This small comment by the streamer was enough to send the Barbz roaring in anger.

The fans of singer Nicki Minaj started pointing fingers at Hasan and letting him know that he can’t ‘slide away easily’ messing with Nicki Minaj and her fans.

“The only reason you have any sort of audience is because you used to be hot,” one of the messages read.

“Now you’re a fat, ugly guy who’s speeding at the age of white. The clock’s ticking and you’re damn near 40…"

HasanAbi must not have expected this magnitude of backlash initially

But now that he’s had a taste of it, he better not mess with the Barbz again.

HasanAbi, however, stayed calm and composed through out the trolls and hate spam.