Christy Mathew

Nicki Minaj Banned From Making Tweets? Rapper’s Claims Debunked

Nicki Minaj’s controversial tweet which caught a lot of attention about the Covid-19 vaccination has taken another twist. The singer had recently claimed that she is in “Twitter jail” on September 15.

This is a common term used when being locked out of Twitter which the platform uses to punish users who violate their terms of service. 

But it looks like Nicki is lying as a spokesperson revealed that the platform has not taken any action. The rapper made a statement that was misleading as she was telling fans that she will not attend this year’s, Met Gala.

She had revealed she did not attend Met Gala because of the vaccine mandate. Nicki followed up with a tweet that claimed that the vaccine causes impotence. This led to a lot of controversies and she was not the only one who missed this year’s lecture. 

The rapper’s claims that the vaccine causes impotence were fake. However, despite being corrected by some fans, the singer seemingly was stuck to her statements. She did not tweet anything on September 15 because she claims that she was banned on Twitter. But that is not the truth.

Nicki took to her Instagram to claim, “I’m in Twitter jail y’all. They didn’t like what I was saying over there on that block”. Nicki’s Twitter account is visible though and none of her tweets has been blocked. This is including the misleading statement she made about the vaccination.

The rapper revealed her cousin’s friend got the vaccine and became impotent. Usually, a tweet like that is flagged on Twitter, however, it appears her tweet has been let off the hook. The tweet is still visible without any disclaimer or warning.