Nickelodeon To Launch An NFT Collection

Nickelodeon, the hugely popular children’s TV channel and studio, has announced it will be dropping its very own NFTs in the near future.

Significantly, this means that we will soon see NFTs of some of the ’90s most iconic children’s TV characters.

At that time, the company made clear its intention to create NFTs for its different media companies like MTV, Comedy Central, and of course, Nickelodeon.

Another key point is that Paramount Global partnered with the NFT platform Recur.

Back in April, the Star Trek NFTs that Paramount dropped with Recur sold out in a matter of minutes.

Indeed, Recur is helping the media conglomerate with all of its NFT projects.

The first nod that the Nickelodeon NFTs were in the pipeline came from the network’s official NFT Twitter account.

On June 9th, it tweeted out a trailer teasing that its first collection is coming in “Summer 2022″.

The account has let out precious few details since then but that hasn’t stopped the NFT community from buzzing with excitement about it.