New Blood Fixes Dexter’s Biggest Bay Harbor Butcher Mistake

Written By

Christy R. Mathew

Spoilers for Dexter:  New Blood Episode 8 Dexter committed lots of mistakes in the original series, but in New Blood, he ultimately makes amends by disclosing his true identity as the Bay Harbor Butcher. 

The Dexter: New Blood relaunch offers a second chance for the original series; with showrunner Clyde Phillips returning to correct the flaws of the final seasons of the original series.

Dexter is learning from his mistakes as he evolves into an “evolved monster” who must safeguard and hone his son’s own Dark Passenger; notably where he went wrong in hiding his identity and lying to his loved ones in the original series. 

Dexter is still keeping his Bay Harbor Butcher identity hidden from the people of Iron Lake; but New Blood is changing the way his serial killer persona is revealed.

Dexter Morgan, a blood-spatter analyst, avoided multiple close calls without being caught during the first eight seasons of Dexter; frequently placing people who discovered his identity on his table before they could share the knowledge.