Netizens Praise BTS Taehyung's Dance Moves That He Learned In Just 5 Minutes For J-hope's 'On The Street' Challenge

BTS member V joined J-hope for his "On the Street" dance challenge.

The duo danced to J-hope's solo track inside their dance practice studio in HYBE.

Taehyung displayed fluidity in his dance moves, making it look like he was gliding across the room.

J-hope later shared on his Instagram story that Taehyung learned the choreography in just 5 minutes, showcasing his dance genius abilities.

BTS members have previously revealed that Taehyung has a sharp memory and can memorize new choreography after seeing it once or twice.

Taehyung's dance moves and natural swag impressed Korean netizens who praised his unique style and skills.

"On the Street" is J-hope's collaboration track with J.Cole, released as a special gift to fans as he prepares to begin his mandatory military service.

J-hope participated in writing and composing the song, showcasing his talent as a musician.

Fans expressed their desire to see more of Taehyung's dance skills on stage after watching the video.