Netflix’s Top 10 Movie And TV Lists Have Been Revised: New Methods And Website

Netflix is altering the way it determines and reports its Daily Top 10.

Traditionally, the streamer has calculated their Daily Top 10 by monitoring a sample of 2-minutes seen per title.

From viewers who finish a title/series to revenue made as a result of watching any given title/series (via subscribers) to anything else that has to do with revenue, the company continues to keep some metric data close to its chest.

Unlike movie studios, which have typically revealed box office earnings, none of the streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, and others, do so publicly.

Netflix has been in the front of streaming since its beginnings, with more than 207 million customers most recently reported.

 Amazon comes in second with just over 200 million subscribers, followed by Disney+ with over 100 million subscribers and HBO Max with over 44 million.

The streaming service now has a large number of film and television series projects in development, production, or purchase, making it the most active push on a worldwide scale to date.