Netflix Faces Backlash For Stranger Things NFTs

While some enjoyed the Candy Digital minigame that awarded NFTs, others called the promotion “trash.”

Candy Digital's NFT platform has developed another "Stranger Things" minigame for Netflix, in which users must answer riddles to win NFTs of the show's actors. However, some admirers are dissatisfied.

The "Stranger Things" NFTs are 11,111 unique tokens that represent ownership of one of five digital posters on Candy Digital's Palm blockchain—an Ethereum layer 2 sidechain.

Netflix stealthily previewed the NFT alliance in the Season 4 teaser for its smash original drama, Stranger Things, back in April.

Approximately 4,700 gamers got a free NFT poster of Eleven, the show's protagonist played by Millie Bobbie Brown, by participating in a mystery game involving a virtual "Stranger Things" laboratory last week.

A new round of the minigame is available on the site this week. To acquire one of four free NFT posters of characters Mike Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Will Byers, or Argyle, players must complete "I am Hell's Master" questions.

The reaction to the news was divided. Some crypto aficionados and showgoers remarked they had fun with the minigame.

Among those interested in earning NFTs, at least one “Stranger Things” fan reported being repeatedly logged out of their account while trying to complete the challenge.

But when the “Stranger Things” Twitter account shared the NFT news last week, other fans were outraged. “You think we care about NFTs?” one fan wrote, along with a GIF of a man shooting a gun. Another “Stranger Things” fan wrote off NFT technology as a “grift.”