Neil Patrick Harris To Play The Greatest Villain In Doctor Who

Doctor Who will have a new member joining in and it’s none other than audience favorite How I met your mother cast member Neil Patrick Harris who plays the character Barney Stinson

On 13th June Neil Patrick Harris posted on his Instagram account about his new role and also an image of his character in Doctor Who

It’s the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who and the movie got a four-time Emmy winner joining the cast.

Neil Patrick on his Instagram shared a few words about his new role along with an image of his Doctor Who character, he says ” My current gig. Never looked more dashing. Thank you for inviting me into your Whoniverse, @russelltdavies63. I’ll try my hardest to do my worst. This Doctor has no idea what’s in store. And even if he does…Who cares? Ha ha ha Ha ha-ha-ha!”

Russell T Davies welcomes Neil Patrick Harris into the Doctor Who Family, He wrote on Instagram along with the picture of him the caption reads, “Neil Patrick Harris, welcome to Cardiff! Playing the greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced. Such a great actor, such a great man, it’s an honor and a hoot. Have fun! @nph @bbcdoctorwho ♥️ Ha! 📷.”

It’s not the first time that the showrunner Russell T Davies will be pairing up with Neil. Both of them have already worked together on a film called  “It’s A Sin”.

In an interview with Davis spoke about Neil joining the cast and his role, he said to the reporter ” It’s my huge honor to open our studio doors for the mighty Neil Patrick Harris…”. He also added that the audience has to wait as to “who, why what is he playing?”  Further he concluded the statement by saying,” You’ll just have to wait. But I promise you, the stuff we’re shooting now is off the scale. Doctor beware!”

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