NCT 127 Has Become A Triple Million Seller Group With Sticker’ & ‘Favourite,

With the concurrent releases of their third full-length album ‘Sticker’ and their recently repackaged album ‘Favourite,’ NCT 127 have officially surpassed cumulative album sales of over 3.58 million copies in 2021.

Not only that but since the release of ‘Sticker’ and their repackaged album ‘Favorite,’ NCT 127 has climbed back up the Billboard 200.

On September 17, NCT 127 released their third album, ‘Sticker,’ which sold 2,466,507 copies.

Then, on October 25, they released their repackaged album ‘Favorite,’ which has so far sold 1,174,435 copies.

This resulted in 3,580,942 album sales in total, earning NCT 127 the title of ‘Triple Million Sellers’ for the year 2021.

On November 2, Billboard stated that NCT 127’s third studio album, “Sticker,” has risen 94 ranks to number 106 in its sixth week on the legendary Top 200 Albums chart, up from number 200 the week before.

NCT 127 made a comeback last week with a repackaged version of the album called ‘Favorite,’ which Billboard classified as a deluxe version of ‘Sticker.’