NBA World Reacts To Seeing LeBron James In ‘Productive’ Talks Regarding A Lakers Extension

On Thursday, LeBron James became qualified for a contract extension with the Lakers, giving him the opportunity to sign a deal that would keep him in LA for the following two seasons.

According to reports, the $97 million deal would keep him in Los Angeles until 2024.

LeBron has a lot of time to make a decision on the future of his Lakers even though he did became eligible for the deal.

The superstar has one more year left on his current deal, which gives him until June of 2019 to decide.

On Thursday, James had a meeting with the team's general manager, Rob Pelinka, to go through alternatives. The discussions seemed to be "constructive."

Basketball player On NBA Today, Dave McMenamin made a guest visit to discuss James's future situation. He said the following.

“Even though we were circling this August 4th date on our calendar, there is nothing imminent, sources tell me, between the Lakers and LeBron’s camp in terms of coming to an agreement on a deal. It could look a variety of ways if they come to that agreement."

LeBron wants the Lakers to improve the lineup, and also a possible shot to play with his son, Bronny, who was recently seen training at the LA facility.

Upon hearing about the productive discussion, many posted their reactions on social media.