NBA Legend Michael Jordan Takes Reluctant 7-Hour Journey to Showcase Hometown Wilmington to Wife

Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, has had to make changes in his life to accommodate his second wife, Yvette Prieto.

Many fans see Jordan as superhuman due to his exceptional skills on the court and his larger-than-life persona off it.

Jordan had a successful first marriage with Juanita Vanoy, and although rumors of infidelity circulated, there was no concrete evidence to support them.

Jordan's second marriage to Yvette Prieto, who is 15 years younger than him, has had a significant impact on his personality.

Jordan and Prieto met at a Miami nightclub, and they quickly moved in together at Jordan's home in Miami in 2009.

Jordan has admitted in an interview that getting together with Prieto has changed him in ways he didn't anticipate.

Prieto persuaded Jordan to take her to his hometown of Wilmington in North Carolina in 2011, which is about 3.5 hours from Charlotte.

Jordan agreed to take the long drive to and from Wilmington to satisfy his future wife's curiosity about his boyhood days.

Jordan acknowledged that his willingness to change and accommodate his wife's wishes was a sign of progress in their relationship.