Naruto And Jordan Brand Team Up For The Upcoming Air 200E SP “Jonin”

By: Christy R Mathew

Back in April, Zion Williamson brought Jordan Brand to the world of Naruto, drawing inspiration from the series for not only clothing but also a pair of Zion 1s.

The two's tributes to the popular anime/manga continue with the release of a Jonin-inspired Air 200SE SP on May 18th. 

While some may undoubtedly compare them to Kakashi, the much-loved Copycat Ninja, it's more probable that the colouring honours the Jonin as a whole, given there's no mention of the character's Sharingan.

The Uzumaki Clan's insignia, on the tongue and right insole, instead takes centre stage, complementing the olive suedes surrounding the mid-panel and eye stays, which join together to give homage to the ninjas' flak jackets. 

The toe, adjacent panelling, and the Leaf Village insignia etched into the silver sections of the heel all allude to their wrappings, naval clothes, and headbands.

Check out the official photographs of the Naruto x Jordan Air 200E SP "Jonin" below.

These will be available on on May 18th.

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