Naomi Reveals Why She Left The WWE?

Naomi has officially acknowledged that she is no longer employed by the organisation, as hopes for her WWE comeback grew less and less likely. 

As she prepared for WrestleCon the next weekend, Naomi (real name Trinity Fatu) revealed for the first time her job status at her longtime employer. 

Several fans were curious about the former "SmackDown" Women's Champion's situation with WWE since she departed the company in May 2022 .

When she reposted a visual for her impending appearance on Instagram on Thursday afternoon.

Female, are you even still working for WWE? Under the post, one fan left a comment.

 In answer, Naomi responded, "no frien'," confirming that she had actually left WWE.

Although Naomi has now made her situation quite obvious, it is still unclear what she will do next.

Following her walkout last year, Naomi mostly avoided wrestling-related engagements, with the exception of a few conventions. 

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