Marvel Studios Fans of the MCU are talking about Ms. Marvel.

he newest superhero to emerge, Ms. Marvel, takes Captain Marvel as her role model and is on her way to embark on a journey in the superhero world to put her powers to the right use.

The show has been warmly welcomed by the fans who have called the story of this newest young superhero to be fresh and inspiring.

Bruno Carelli is the sidekick character og MsMarvel played by Matt Linz.

Fans are calling this character to be adorable and a very sweet person.

He is a young inventor who creates gadgets for Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms. Marvel and also is the "guy in the chair for her".

Matt was going to make his appearance way before he debuted in Marvel as the sidekick character of Ms. Marvel.

"I was in the top for Spider-Man, which eventually went to this guy, Tom Holland

Tom Holland first appeared in the Marvel movie of the infinity saga- Captain America: Civil War.

It would be exciting to see what the future of Spiderverse holds and see what other possible events we will see in the future of Marvel.