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MrBeast’s Advertisement Rejected For Being Non-Compliant

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson, unfortunately, has become a part of another controversy. However, this time, he is in trouble for his newly launched chocolate bar, The Feastables. He was seen comparing his chocolates with Hershey’s bar in a video that he shared.

The tv advertisement was non-compliant and was also rejected, but why? In the ad, the Youtuber is comparing his chocolates the Feastables to Hershey’s.

He did slam the famous chocolate bar for not tasting as good. But that was not all as MrBeast continued to call out the brand for adding several ingredients in it.

When comparing his chocolate to Hershey’s he said it is a great-tasting bar and does not include a lot of ingredients.

 As per MrBeast, his chocolates are also made up of high-quality ingredients. This is why the ad was rejected for being non-compliant because the Youtuber called out the brand.

Sharing this advertisement on his Twitter account, he also adds, “Full disclosure I think YouTube is infinitely better for conversion and tv commercials suck. Just wanted to compare how bad commercials were for sales lol. Anyways, buy some chocolate –”

MrBeast is known for his bigger gestures and giveaways. His chocolate bar is made up of only 5 ingredients. As the bar is gluten-free, it will have several types of flavors like almond, quinoa crunch, original, and chocolate sea salt. This makes Feastables chocolate a healthy alternative.

The inspiration for the chocolate bar came from his personal experiences. MrBeast has Crohn’s disease and the idea included creating a fun treat with less ingredients.

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