Moon Knight premiered in March 2022 and marks to be the first new superhero in phase 4  of the MCU.

It is based on Egyptian mythology and is connected with the birth of another superhero in the Marvel Universe.

Given the restrictions due to Covid in the past two years, Marvel was forced to make a majority of the scenes digitally for films like Shang- Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and Eternals.

Marvel faced similar obstructions with Moon Knight as well while building characters and other elements of the show. A major portion of Cairo was crate using visual effects.

The head (Martin Hill) of the VFX company Wētā FX visual said that the company took a chunk of Cairo for a 10-kilometer stretch to further create the show digitally.

"So, we essentially from photo reference went and built a library of 20 or 30 buildings that you could use from different angles and placed them into appropriate areas, and then added loads of dressing."

"What we essentially did was found some reputable stock footage photography of the whole area, created from photogrammetry or a very high-level detailed area of the whole Giza Complex.

"It was about really selecting all those colors and making sure that everything was vibrant but looked very much like Cairo and not Generic City."- said Mark

There are ongoing projects of Marvel which will soon be premiered later this year and in the upcoming years.

Along with the films, in Phase 4 of the Marvel universe, the studio has started creating series for smaller screens that narrates the stories of individual characters.