Monster Rookies Aespa Hit 100 Million Views On Savage In 17 Days

By: Christy Mathew

With their newest comeback, 'Savage,' the K-pop group Aespa (stylized as aespa) has been breaking records. Because of the positive response to their songs from fans in recent months, the SM Entertainment rookie group has become a new phenomenon in K-pop. It's barely been 11 months since Aespa's debut single, "Black Mamba," and the group appears to be on a record-breaking run.

In just 17 days, Aespa's music video became the fastest debut group music video to reach 100 million views on YouTube, setting a new record. It took 51 days for the music video for 'Black Mamba' to reach 100 million views. 'Next Level,' their next track, became an instant hit and a viral sensation.

Aespa's single, "Next Level," was published in May 2021 and reached the milestone of 100 million views in just 32 days. The group has now made their powerful comeback with their first-ever album, 'Savage,' as well as the music video for the same-named lead tune.

Aespa's recent comeback with the song "Savage" has aided the girls in their ascension to the top, adding to their long list of accomplishments. According to sales figures, Aespa is now the first fourth-generation K-pop group to achieve an unusually high number of sales for a rookie group.

Within 15 days after the album's release, the group had sold over 500 thousand copies, which is impressive for a new girl group. Aespa's album also set a new record by being the first K-pop female group to join Billboard's major charts, the 'Billboard 200' and 'Artist 100', with the highest rankings among K-pop girl groups.

Not only has Aespa broken these records, but it has also broken its own by reaching 100 million YouTube views in just 17 days since its premiere on October 5. Aespa was also added to 10 Billboard Charts earlier this week, making the group the first fourth-generation K-pop girl group to reach No. 1 on Billboard's 'World Album Sales' Chart.

The 'Metaverse girl group' has also broken a slew of other records, all of which are incredible for a debut act. On the domestic music platform Melon, the song "Savage" has achieved 90,000 likes, while the album has surpassed 20,000 likes. The group has also surpassed new milestones on Spotify.

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