Mizkif Calls Out GreekGodx As Feud Continues

Christy Mathew

Mizkif has called out Dimitri ‘GreekGodx’ Antonatos for being a hypocrite. This came after Mia revealed he filmed her without permission when they first met at TwitchCon. And that was what he tried to “cancel” him for.

GreekGodx and Mizkif are not on good terms ever since he claimed he was “desperate for content”. After the drama on his IRL stream, Natalia’ Alinity’ Mogollon accused a waiter of being racist to HAchubby. 

However, the mainline of the argument was that Mizkif should keep to himself and not film people. This is provided that they want to be filmed.

He added that people should stop watching streamers like Mizkif. The influencer further claimed they were never friends. But Mizkif was talking about the situation with Mia.

Mizkif called him out for the same as he claimed he is a “hypocrite”. Mia revealed that the one time she met him was at TwitchCon. She added, “He came up to me with a camera, didn’t ask if he could film me. I thought that was a little rude.”

Mizkif said, “Isn’t that exactly what Greek tried to cancel me for? I was bothering people and filming them and being rude while not asking? Isn’t that exactly what Greek did?”