Boxers are unquestionably the people with the most powerful fists. Even if their strength is limited to the boxing ring, there are moments when the athletes have to use it outside of it.

A man was causing trouble in London recently, and this is what a former boxer had to do to him.

The video is from BOXPARK, Wembley, London. A man is observed raising a commotion by using foul language and attempting to attack security. (Click On the Image On The Last Slide To Jump To The Video)

The security is constantly trying to nudge him but to no avail. Surprisingly, the British boxer, Julius Francis, was also a member of the security crew,

and with a single blow, he knocked out the troublemaker. The individual can be seen laying on the ground.

Apparently, 57-year-old Francis is a former boxing champion, who even fought the legend, Mike Tyson, in the year 2000. 

The man in BoxPark most likely got into a fight with the wrong person. Security attempted to restrain him several times, but Francis had to take command to keep the situation under control.

One of the Boxing Fans reacted: Did his job. Give the man a raise. Noticed how all the other dudes were loud and aggressive and once Francis laid the one out they turned into compliant citizens.

Another fan opined against Francis's reaction, saying, "If this wasn’t a professional boxer I’d say it was justified. But Francis’s doesn’t need to do that. He got caught up in the tension and lost control."

Surprisingly, Francis’ actions elicited various reactions from fans; we certainly cannot decide whether it is right or wrong.