Mike Tyson was accused by female fans of trying to sleep with Remi Ma for a luxury car

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A former boxing phenomenon, Mike Tyson is now a completely changed man. He is humble and very polite to everyone. But in the '90s and into his early 2000s, he wasn't.

Did you know he once offered famous New York rapper Remy Ma a car to spend the night out of his garage?

In the latest episode of Hotboxin, Tyson's old friend Fat Joe shared some untold stories about the former two-time world heavyweight champion. He said Tyson has something on Remy Ma.

After getting Tyson's permission, Joe detailed how "the worst man on earth" invited him and Remy Ma to his house. He offered the rapper to spend the night in one of his luxury cars.

Joe said: "He wanted to keep Remy Ma....Mike invites me to his house when he says he will bring Remy Ma. This is like leaning back or something." It's about

With nothing to add to this wild story, Tyson just laughed at his past actions. This was reported by celebrity blogger B. Scott on Facebook. The post was flooded with female fans. They expressed their concern for Remy Ma.

"Sorry, he's getting old, but it looks like Mike could break you up on this for a long time," added another fan.

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