Mike Tyson Reflects on Airplane Altercation With JetBlue Passenger “He Won by Us Giving Him Attention”

A few weeks back, a video went viral which saw former world champion Mike Tyson punch a fellow passenger on a flight out of San Francisco International Airport, U.S. TMZ first reported the matter and within a few minutes, it reached the boxing community, and millions of Tyson’s fans.

However, the San Francisco Police Department immediately looked into the matter and, not so in a surprising turn of events, found the victim of Tyson’s punches guilty of repeatedly irritating the former heavyweight champ.

In a recent episode of HotBoxin’ With Mike Tyson, Hip-Hop artist and rapper ‘The Game’ joined ‘Kid Dynamite’ on air. While talking about various subjects such as career and life, ‘The Game’ suddenly asked for Tyson’s permission and put forward ‘The Baddest Man on Earth’ a question regarding the unpleasant plane incident.

“Do not cross the line,” cautioned Mike Tyson. Straight forward, ‘The Game’ asked Tyson what was wrong with that person. At this, taking the air to himself, and cutting ‘The Game’ short, Mike Tyson briefly replied,

“Man, I don’t even know. I don’t even know what’s his problem, you know. I’m just glad that I made it healthy and alive and talking to you.” Indeed, that Tyson left the plane unharmed means a lot to his followers and fans.

Following Tyson’s answer, ‘The Game’ expressed how “weird” that was and how he longed to fight the same annoying person. To which Tyson cut ‘The Game’ short for yet another time, and, opposing the rapper’s perspectives, strongly added,

“Then he won. Don’t pay attention to the guys like that. He won by us giving him attention.” “Listen, don’t cross the line. There’s boundaries, don’t cross the line. Have some boundaries. Don’t cross that line,” Tyson reiterated.

Choosing to be a part of one’s fanbase and pouring in one’s appreciation for their idol is indeed respectful. However, as Tyson expresses, there is always a boundary, the existence of which commands acknowledgment and is better not crossed.