Mike Tyson Picks A Side In Aquaman Vs Thor Fight

Marvel & DC both have such huge fandoms and who's better than the other question has forever been a topic of debate.

Fans often post their opinions on who would win if heroes from two of the famous franchises came in front of each other for a fight.

Mike Tyson, who is known as the legend of boxing, has already picked a side when it comes to the superhero franchises.

In an interview with Access daily where there was a segment named 'Celeb Fight Club', Iron Mike was asked to answer questions about Marvel & Dc.

The segment is about deciding who would win in a fight between the two superheroes, of both famous franchises.

The two Superheroes were Jason Mamoa (Aquaman) & Chris Hemsworth (Thor).

Mike Tyson was quick to choose Jason Mamoa's Aquaman over Thor.

So if ever a fight takes place between both of them Jason knows now that the legendary boxer is on his side.