Mike Tyson Names “The Greatest Warrior” in History He Would Love to Fight

The two-time heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is arguably one of the greatest boxers to have ever graced the squared circle.

Tyson has faced and defeated incredible fighters. However, there are some people who the legendary boxer would love to fight.

During the Hotboxin’ with Mike podcast, Ryan Garcia and Tyson discussed the greatest fighter ever.

On the podcast, Garcia asked the ‘Baddest Man on Planet’ who he would love to fight in history. Although ‘King Ry’ was expecting the name of a boxer as an answer, Tyson surprised him.

To pay his respects to the greatest warrior ever, Tyson plans on visiting the Achilles’ tomb in Greece. Garcia followed this up by stating that he would love to join Tyson on this journey.

Tyson has earned the reputation of one of the most intimidating fighters of his generation. However, he has done so by defeating some of the greatest boxers in the sport. 

Tyson faced Michael Spinks, whom he overpowered and knocked out in mere 91 seconds.

Additionally, Tyson fought Evander Holyfield many times, once when he infamously bit Holyfield’s ear off.

Finally, to everyone’s surprise, Iron Mike got knocked out by the underdog Buster Douglas.