Mike Tyson Laughs at the Consequences of Alcohol on Himself

On his podcast HotBoxin' with Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson frequently amuses his guests with his unpredictable quips. 

Tyson and his guests discuss a variety of topics in an uncensored manner. 

The former world heavyweight champion has talked about his drinking issues a lot on the show.

In one episode, Mike Tyson humorously discussed how drinking made him feel. 

Kid Dynamite claims that he may be allergic to alcohol since whenever he drinks, he feels like he should elude his restraints.

This short film of Tyson discussing his alcohol allergy was posted on Instagram by the podcentr account.

."I have an alcohol allergy," he claims. Every time I consume it, my handcuffs loosen. Several individuals responded to the video as soon as the aforementioned user posted it. 

Mike Tyson said that he was close to "dying" as a result of drinking in a video that he just posted from Mecca that upset his supporters.



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