Mike Tyson Explains Why Prisoners Snitch After Being Arrested For 38 Times

Mike Tyson was well-known for both his unusual outside of the ring lifestyle and his vicious knockouts in the ring. 

The guy who once dominated the sport of boxing, however, did not come into the world with that level of rage and aggression.

Tyson had a difficult upbringing. Tyson experienced poverty as a youth and became engaged with some sketchy characters, which led to his final arrest.

Before he turned 13, not just once, not even twice, but 38 times. 

Everyone has a unique perspective on prison and the activities that go place there. 

And it is safe to say that Tyson would be a good personality to address incarceration given his wealth of experience.

The 56-year-old recently covered this topic in the most recent episode of his podcast, "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson."

A well-known American comic also joined him.



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