Mike Tyson explains why $3m fine for Holyfield ear bite was worth it

Mike Tyson revealed why biting Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997 keeps him happy in retirement

'Iron Mike Tyson and former heavyweight champion has no regrets about biting Hoylyfield’s lobe in their rematch

but since the fight the pair has became a good friends over the years 

The pair engaging in commercials and launching ear-shaped edibles.

Tyson explained that the incident was one of his fondest memories despite losing a massive chunk of his fortune.

“It is good,” said Tyson on an edition of his Hotboxin Podcast. “

I hate to say it, but I bit that guy’s [Evander Holyfield] ear, right?

“I had to pay a three million dollar fine for biting his ear. But the funny thing is I took more pictures of that [than anything else].

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