Mike Tyson Compared to 25-Year-Old ‘Alpha’ Jake Paul by UFC Legend Amidst Fight Announcement

In recent times, influencer boxing has seen a meteoric rise. Leading the pack is YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul. While fans may have not entirely accepted ‘The Problem Child,’ Paul is doing well for himself as a boxer.

Recently, the same was acknowledged by former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen. ‘The American Gangster’ indirectly drew a comparison between Paul and Mike Tyson.

On his Bad Guy Inc show, Sonnen said, “Jake Paul is going to fight at the mecca of Madison Square Garden. He is going to be the headliner and he is going to do it on August something. I think 13th. ”

The former UFC title challenger added, “He has not announced an opponent. Now, that is an alpha move… That is a guy who is sure of himself. That is a guy who believes he’s sitting on an ace because there’s been only two boxers in history that can draw on their own. Oscar De La Hoya … and Mike Tyson throughout his entire career.”

So you now have a guy the boxing community hasn’t overly accepted. He’s going to headline over a gal who’s said to be really good at boxing… It’s his own girl. He didn’t have an opponent yet. That’s fascinating. I mean that is such a cool move to the highest degree. If it works.

Jake Paul has a huge following. While Sonnen drew indirect comparisons between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, the latter has agreed to fight the YouTuber.

Jake Paul made his boxing debut on a card headlined by Mike Tyson. Since then, Paul has stayed undefeated. While the prospect of Paul and Tyson fighting did come up a few times, the latter has now agreed to fight ‘The Problem Child.’

Appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Tyson said that a fight between him and Paul could be very interesting. While Tyson has never taken the prospect of fighting Paul seriously, he still believes the fight could be interesting,

Speaking further about Paul, Tyson said, “He’s skilled enough. Yes, I’m gonna give it to him…Because he is winning…You got to give him that credit….he’s beating people he shouldn’t be beating.”