Mike Tyson, a legendary boxer, accuses a beloved sports figure of abusing drugs

In a meeting with The Undertaker, Mike Tyson remembered a late legendary professional wrestler and accused him of drug addiction.

 ‘Iron’ As The Undertaker introduced the name of the legend, Mike discovered this astounding fact.

On discussing his early days working for the organisation, Undertaker remarked, "I wrestled Warrior quite a bit when I first came up." 

Incidentally, when The Undertaker first began wrestling in the 1990s, "The Ultimate Warrior" was a well-known name in the WWE. 

The superstar first pursued bodybuilding before switching to professional wrestling.

"Yes, you know he'd always sprint down the Ring full speed and bounce about, but the problem was after he did that," The Undertaker said of Warrior's entrance. 

Tyson was the heavyweight champion with the most destructive fists at the time that the latter was marketed as the face of WWE.

Thus, when The Undertaker mentioned Warrior in their talk, he responded, "I assumed he was on drugs. I've never seen a guy like him. He was quite fit.''



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