Michael Jordan's Lost Porsche Sells for $500,000 in Auction

Michael Jordan is a legendary basketball player whose name has significant value in the market.

One of Jordan's cars, a 1997 Porsche Turbo S, recently sold for $500,000 in an auction.

The car is unique because only 345 of them were ever made, and this one is among the last to be in great condition.

The car has only clocked 31,000 miles, making it even more valuable.

Jordan played a high-profile game of golf in Beverley Hills, California, and lost the car on a bet.

Jordan was known for his love of cars and especially for his love of Porsche.

He has owned and probably still owns several Porsches to this day.

One of Jordan's cars had the number plate AIR, which is a nod to his nickname "Air Jordan."

Jordan's name and association with the car have contributed significantly to its value on the auction block.