Michael Jordan Rode One Dream Team Member So Hard Coaches Asked MJ to ‘Dial It Back’

Michael Jordan could talk trash as well as he could play basketball, and that’s saying a lot.

Jordan was ruthless on the court with opponents and, in some cases, even harsher with his own teammates. The 1992 U.S. Olympic Dream Team was no exception.

It may have been the best collection of basketball players ever assembled, but that didn’t stop Jordan from riding opponent-turned-teammate Clyde Drexler so hard his teammates had to step in.

In the 1992 Finals, Jordan attacked Drexler all series to make the point about his greatness over the Western Conference star. Jordan’s attack mode didn’t stop once he lifted the Larry O’Brien trophy, though:

When the Dream Team gathered for its initial workouts in San Diego, Jordan hounded Clyde on defense, harassed him as Drexler brought the ball up the floor, and reminded that

he had thrashed him just weeks earlier in the Finals. … The haranguing became so intense, the coaching staff and some of Jordan’s teammates asked him to dial it back.

Drexler insists that Jordan’s ire didn’t bother him. He says it only meant he was ‘a real threat’ to Jordan. However, MacMullan paints a different picture.

She tells a story of Drexler accidentally grabbing two left shoes one day before practice and then wearing them without saying anything, so he didn’t draw Jordan’s barbs.

The team eventually noticed Drexler’s faux pas, and, as fellow Dream Teamer Chris Mullin tells it, Jordan told Drexler, “that’s kind of why you guys lost to us.”