Michael Jordan Once Cheated an Elderly Woman Just to Beat Her at Cards

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players to have played the sport of basketball. The Chicago Bulls player played for 15 seasons in the NBA and another two after coming back from his retirement.

He had a huge fan following both on and off the court. His peers respected him and the fans loved him. Jordan was also known for his competitive spirit.

Jordan hated losing, be it on or off the court. He wanted to win in everything and everywhere. And this resurfaced article talks about one such story.

MJ will do whatever it takes to win. Even in a card game with an elderly woman.

When North Carolina teammate Buzz Peterson once had Michael Jordan over to his house to play cards with his mother, 

Jordan was caught cheating. Looks like Michael wanted to win the card game too bad.

While this competitive spirit is what made Jordan the GOAT, such attitude of him doesn't really make him a fun guy to hang out with.

On the court, Michael was an unstoppable force. He was an offensive assassin who could take over a game whenever he wanted to.

Jordan and the Bulls would go on to dominate the decade of the 90s. They would win 6 NBA Championships in two different three-peats.