Jordan did everything he could to win because of his fierce drive and determination, even if it meant bullying his opponents.

Muggsy Bogues was one such player who fell victim to Jordan’s bullying traits.

In a segment of “All The Smoke“, Muggsy Bogues talked about his relationship with Michael Jordan.

"It was no technique, it was pretty much the type of aggressive defense that I always put on my player, you know"

"In terms of making the challenge to get the ball across halfcourt because as a point guard, that’s where it all starts," Bogues said.

"And then once we cross halfcourt if you get switched up on a guy like Michael Jordan, knowing the type of skill set he possessed, but again, the respect I was able to get…"

"Of course you saw him turn his back as opposed to trying to just face me and coming right at me, he used the size factor in trying to back me down."

"But I was able to smack the ball down as he was going up,"he added. "MJ, He always liked to f**k with me....That’s just who we are."

"When we come in contact, even of the court to this day, walking around, he will put his hand up high trying to get me to give a high-five and I will put my hand low, you come down a give me a low-five. So we just compete against one another."

"You know M, man, especially when we are playing a game. It was some stuff on the internet where they said he called me a mi**et, which is not true. He always called Lil fella, Lil a** and that short stuff."